Heavy Duty Maintenance

  • Machine build ups and commissioning
  • Major component removal, installation and rebuilds (Engines, transmissions, final drives/differentials, machine implements, hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic valve banks, hydraulic pumps and motors)
  • Machine and truck structural maintenance
  • Machine under carriage maintenance
  • Ground engaging tool replacement (Cutting edges, bucket and ripper tips)
  • Attachment and bucket, scarifier and ripper repair maintenance and modification
  • Attachment rebuilds (Rock breakers, augers, flails, crushers, vibes etc.)

All of the above maintenance can be carried out onsite completely or partially depending on the maintenance required and the decision of the customer. Major component rebuilds are removed on site to keep transport costs down and are carried out at our workshop facility due to cleanliness and pre install testing. 

The customer has the option to transport their equipment to the workshop or have their equipment maintained in the field for all of the above work scope. We are here to meet the customer’s requirements, we will also always give you an educated suggestion on how to go about each major maintenance project.