Scheduled Maintenance

Planned maintenance is always more efficient than breakdown’s!

What would you prefer? A machine stopped in the middle of progress or production on site for multiple days? Or, schedule down time for your equipment maintenance when weather, work load relief and after hours’ time frames allow it?

We here at diesel power will service your equipment onsite anytime anywhere, we will report back with faults and defects located whilst conducting a full check over of your equipment. We can then carry out follow up maintenance when it suits you to do so.

Provide us with your fleet details and we can also assist with fleet management to make sure your equipment is never missed at service time.

We have and experienced team with all the equipment required to carry out your scheduled maintenance safely and quickly without compromising a quality job.

We are also conscious of cleanliness and environmental site requirements.

*We are able to service all brands of equipment which are under warranty without voiding your warranty.